Divorce Frequently Asked Questions

When should I introduce my new love interest to the children?

My spouse is charging up a storm, what do I do?

Can I give my spouse the Court petition when he comes for the children

My teenager is driving me crazy, what do I do?

How can I get the Court to see that my ex uses drugs.

Why shouldnīt my children know that me ex cheated on us?

My husbandīs family claim we owe them money, will I have to pay?

Should I admit that I did drugs in the past?

How do we tell the children we are getting a divorce?

Can I just agree with a change in our prior agreement?

Why canīt my ex and I be friends?

How much child support should I get?

What do I do with my life now, how do I survive/

Can I bring my love home for the holidays?

Will mediation prevent my spouse from getting a divorce?

My husband is willing to double my alimony, why?

How do we handle the children when we canīt speak to each other?

Why donīt my children want to go back home?

The children do not want to go home.

Why do I need to pay to have my divorce papers served?

What can I do to cut the costs of my legal fees?

Do It have to use a divorce lawyer?

Can I get half of everything?

Who gets what, how is figured out?

Can I just ignore the divorce papers I was given?

Should I leave my husband?

Should I leave the house?

Why is my spouse offering me the house instead of alimony?

My ex wants to share the parenting, wont this confuse our child?

My ex is offering one large alimony payment is this a good offer?

What is the difference between occupancy and possesion?

Where do I look to find the right lawyer?

Can I just take the children and move?

I want to move who will have to travel with the children?

What do I say when the children say mom has a boyfriend?

My exīs mother died what should I do?

Will my spouse get half of everything?

What do I do when my son looks at me with his fatherīs look?

My child saw a fight between my self and my spouse, will he forget it?

I donīt want to fight all I want is a divorce, what can I do?

Do we need mediation?

Is mediation as good as a contested divorce?

What can we do if we do not agree but do not want the Court to decide

Should I wait for the Court to order support.

My A student teen is failing everything, why?

Is it better for my children if I wait until they are grown to divorce

What is parental alienation?

Can I just get a mail order divorce?

My teen does not want to visit, why?

My ex is paying for everything, will it continue?

Can men recieve alimony?

Can I get alimony?

Will my spouse have to pay me alimony?

My divorce is not final, can I start to date?

What do I need to start a divorce action?

He says he loves me but he hits me is it love?

Does everyone feel as lonely, angry, crazy as I do right now?

I want to end my marriage where do I start?

How do I know how much child support I should pay?

How can we plan for our children?

How can we split our property

I canīt believe what my child said happened, who do I call?

Where can I find a support group?

My ex is abusing my child must I bring the child back to my ex?

Where do I go now?

When will my divorce end?

I have a separation agreement, will I need a divorce?

How do I draw up a separation agreement?

Should I just sign over the house and be done with it?

What is a forensic evaluation?

My teen has stopped seeing his friends, why?

I just want the fighting to stop, how will it end?

Should we wait until the children are older before we divorce?

I want a divorce but I donīt want to be the bad guy, what do I do?

My children are upset because we fight

I was not prepared for such suffocating lonliness! What to do?

It is holiday time and all I can do is cry, why?

This is the first holiday without my children, what do I do?

My teen wants to live with my spouse, what do I do?

My ex will give me the house if I give up their pension,is this good?

How do I get free legal representation?

It is holiday time I have no money! How can I celebrate?

My children want to be with me for the holidays, do they have to go?

I think my teen is depressed, what do I do?

Will I ever be normal again?

My ex abused me,why?

What is joint custody?

Why donīt the children or my ex like my new companion?

How can I send my children to private school on this support?

Can we just agree?

I feel depressed should I see a doctor?

What is a custody evaluation?

I feel like someone died, why?

Do I need to talk to my ex about my children?

We canīt talk without fighting, how can I say what needs to be said?

Can I get custody of my step-child?

what are the support guidelines?

When do I file for custody/

Why does my lawyer charge me when I call to complain about my spouse?

Why donīt our old friends like me anymore?

Can I claim my child on my income taxes?

Why does my ex get me so angry when we talk?

Where can I find someone who will understand?

When will I ever stop crying?

Since the divorce my child is not the same child why?

Why canīt my ex mind his own business?

How do I tell the children that I am leaving?

Should I go to see the marriage counselor for individual therapy?

Why do my children tell my ex everything?

How do we tell the children we are getting a divorce?

My teen get angry when I kiss my new love, why?

I think my ex is abusing my children what can I do?

If I report the abuse, will i be laughed at?

Why does it feel like something is missing?

Why shouldnīt I tell my children what their father is like?

Can I tell the children what my ex has done to me?

I just got a bill from my lawyer, is he kidding?

I do not have custody, how do I stay in contact besides visits?

How do I find a lawyer?

How do I trust the person who asked me out?

What is a child care plan?

Will the children be better adjusted if we co-parent?

Our relationship was so bad, why do I miss him?

My lawyer does not answer my questions, what should I do?

Should I buy the children clothes?

My ex wants to share the holidays, he was violent, what should I do?

Everytime I see my children they ask for something what do I do?

When will this end?

Can my child help me prove my ex is seeing someonelse?

I have an order of protection can we have a shared parenting plan?

Do we need a lawyer?

Why did the Court order Child Welfare to question my children?

My sixteen year old wants to move out, what do I do?

My wife hits me, what do I do?

Why are my children reacting differently?

We agree on everything, do I still need a lawyer?

Where do I start my divorce?

What do I need to begin a divorce action?

How do I stay healthy during a divorce?

We have a Pre-Marital Agreement, do we still need a lawyer?

How should we divide our property?

is there such a thing as divorce counseling?

Can I stay in the house until the baby is 18?

What can I do when my ex will not let me have my visits?

My child wants to stay home this weekend, what do I do?

My mother-in-law said she will keep me safe, will she?

Should I send my child a birthday card?

Why should I send my ex clothes with the kids?

Can I call my childīs teacher?

How do I find a lawyer I can trust?

When will I forget?

We agree can we use one lawyer?

I am getting a divorce for the second time why?

When can I file for child support?

Why do the children sound like her?

Why does it feel as though there is wall between myself and the kids?

Can I have the children ask their mother if they can stay longer?

Why does my child have a lawyer?

Can I tell the evaluator my plans for custody?

We are separated is he my ex?

Can I go to my home, if she has an order of protection?

Where do I find people who will understand?

How do I heal after a divorce?

How do I improve my emotional health?

Any good books about divorce?

How do I get through the emotional pain?

Do we even need a lawyer?

My children will not see me, what can I do?

If we agree to we need to get lawyers?

Why has my ex accused me of sexual abuse?

What do I do when my children tell me they had a good time with my ex?

Why did my lawyer tell me not to argue in front of the kids?

When should I start paying child support?

My ex and I fight when we exchange the children, what can I do?

What is a forensic evaluation?

Why canīt I have half the furniture?

Why does my ex send the children without clothes for their visit?

What does it mean when my spouse always makes me feel bad.

Where do I find support for fathers.

How do I let the children know I am not divorcing them?

Can I represent myself?

Where will I meet the evaluator?

We are not married what last name does my child use?

How do I handle my money?

Why do I need a lawyer?

Do I have to allow visits when I think my child is being mistreated ?

What do I tell the children when they ask if I am mad at dad?

Will they take my children if they know we fight?

Should the children and I go into therapy?

Should I give my phone number to a man I met on the bus?

Why do I cry when I go in my bedroom?

My ex does not understand, I have custody so what I say goes, right?

I canīt get credit, what do I do?

I want to see my baby every other weekend, isnīt this fair?

Why did the Judge say we have to see a psychiatrist?

What do I need to bring for this evaluation?

How do I live with a half furnished home?

Do I have to tell people I date that I have children?

When can I move?

Who can help me with parental alienation?

He was violent will the Court do something?

Can I get a divorce when I canīt find her?

Can I just get an automatic divorce is my spouse can not be found?

How soon should I start dating?

Who pays on a date?

What should I look for in a support group?

Should I go to clubs?

How do I start dating again?

Why do the children get upset when I ask about my ex?

My ex has custody, does that mean that I have to have her permission?

What do I say when my child feels left out of my exīs life?

My husband has a violent temper. What should I do?

Why did my spouse leave?

My ex is suing me for custody, what can I do?

I cry all the time why?

What should I tell my children the evaluaton is about?

My children and I always feel out of place, where can we go?

My child wants to show my ex their report card, how do I get back?

Why does my ex buy our childrenīs love?

Why should my ex get to go to our childīs graduation?

I have been charged with sexual abuse, what do I do?

Who can I trust?

How can I help my children show their anger?

What can I do when my ex buys my childrenīs love?

Should I let the children sleep over at their grandparents?

Why did the Court order that my new partner not be around my child?

I am afraid to let my spouse visit the children what should I do?

What is joint custody?

Should I agree to joint custody?

Why does my spouse hurt the dog when he\she is mad at me?

Can I let my children meet my love?

What will I need for my forensic interview?

Is it true that fatherīs hardly ever get custody?

What do I tell the evaluator?

How do I survive the isolation?

Why canīt I just give my ex the support check when I pick my child?

Why canīt I get my support check when my ex gets our child?

My children keep crying what can I do?

Our life is upside down and the children are suffering, what do I do?

How do I learn to cook for one?

Should I give him\her another chance?

How do I survive the holidays while going through a divorce?

Is it okay if we each take one of the children?

How long does a divorce take in my State?

Recent Divorce Questions

Q. I retained a lawyer in Mississippi to do my divorce. I paid $2700 retainer fee. Is that the only fee or can the lawyer also collect a percentage on the settlement?
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Q. What if my husband abandoned me and my son and went to mexico
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Q. How do I serve a spouse I can not locate?
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Q. I am looking to have a separation agreement in North Carolina. My questions is how good will the do-it-yourself forms stand up when you finally have to go to court and use them?
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Q. In Georgia, what can I do if my wife and I have been separated (not "legally", but living separate) for 11 months and she won`t sign the papers. Can I still get a divorce? We have no kids, no property together.
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Q. What can you do in Kentucky if your spouse will not sign the papers for the divorce. The papers have been files for several years. Just want to get on with a different life. All the details with the children have been worked out, she just will not sign the papers. Help
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Q. Can I purchase a home in Florida while legally separated? Thanks
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Q. Can a French citizen couple get a divorce in Wisconsin? They have been living in WI for about 8 months, married in France since 2.5 years ago. Could the couple get a divorce here in the US? Please advice. Thanks!

- Yvonne
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Q. My brother and wife have been separated since 1996. They married in VA. He has lived in AL since 1996. Thought she lived in NC, lawyer sent her letter with no response. What can he do now? No children and no property to divide. She left him with no forwarding address while he was in the navy.
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Q. My husband is military and in korea for one year. Since there he has an online girlfriend he is in love with and wants a divorce. He wants me to file because I am here to do it and he isn`t. I want the divorce too but don`t I loose certain rights if I file and will not get as much in the divorce?
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Q. What are the necessary forms needed to file for divorce in Nevada?? And I can`t seem to find out exactly what the filing fees are for an uncontested divorce if I do all the paperwork myself-any ideas??
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Q. I am going to file for divorce in Massachusetts against my wife. I am moving out of state next week. Can I file from my new state of residence?
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Q. I have restrainig order for 3 years.1.5 left oready.I decided that getting divorce is good for me and my child.What do I need to do?

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Q. My ex wife has gone abroad permenantly as soon as she found i was contesting for a divorce. We have been seperated for over ten years, what shall i do now?
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Q. If I am a stay home mom and thinking about getting a divorce would I lose my children because I have no current way to support them while going through this process.
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Q. I Would like to Divorce my spouse but, hi whereabouts is unknown and I can`t have papers served to him. What do I do I can do the divorce paper myself. How must I handle this part of the process. Thak You
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Q. I already submitted this question....did not get a response. In Florida, if a court date for a divorce is not attended by the defendant, what happens? The court clerk said that he had "defaulted". What happens now?
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Q. My spouse and I are separated. He is acting obsessive..some days I get 3 letters a day in the mail and one daily. The phone calls are endless. He stops whenever. I explained that I want space and defined that. He has went to a counselor, but is getting worse. My aunt is taking him to a medical doctor for evaluation of severe depression. I have an appt in 2 days for a lawyer to file divorce papers. I feel like I may need a restraining order. How do I get over the guilt that this may send him over the edge. I am thinking of having the lawyer wait to file till he is actually on medication. I feel like I`m responsible for his severity of the depression. I worry he may hurt me or himself.
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Q. I have filed my papers and served my husband but he was not available at his present address. I found out he was in custody in the county I live in and mailed the papers to the sheriffs department to find out he was released a day later. My Question is what do I do now?
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Q. Married for 16 years, Husband Verbaly and emotional abused me for years. I`ve stayed on because I always felt partially to blame and I also wanted to prove my family and friends wrong for telling me not to marry him to begin with. I also stayed because he would threaten me finacial and emotional ruin if I left. Plus I alwys thought it important that my girls needed to be raised by a two parent home.
The fighting has worsed a lttle more each year and now that my girls are teenagers they are wondering why I take the abuse.
I just do not where to start. WHat are my rights?
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Q. how long is the waiting period for a divorce in Michigan
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Q. Married for 4year with two kids, want to leave a abusive husband and cannot afford legal help. Where should i start, and how will i be able to keep costudy of my children with him having a reliable income. Should I keep staying at the house or could i move out?
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Q. In the initial petition papers should I mention that I don`t want to share my pension and 401K with my ex-husband nor do I want to share in his. Also he is awarding me the house, how should that be worded.
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Q. what if my ex will not sign the uncontested divorce papers?
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Q. In the state of Nebraska at what age can a child choose who the reside with?
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Q. My wife originally filed for divorce. She has signed the papers, I have signed the papers. Now, however, nothing has happened. For some reason she is stalling, the papers have not officially been filed. I want to resolve this as soon as possible. What are my options?
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Q. My wife and I have been separated for over a year. She chose to leave and moved out of the house and got her own apt. Now, she says she is going to file for divorce and make me sell my house for her portion. I have been the only one making the house payments since she chose to leave. Will I still be required to give her half of the equity in the house even though she has not continued to make any of the payments? We live in Nevada, which is a community property state. Please let me know as soon as possible. I am very concerned about losing my house.
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Q. My husband and I have been married for two years and three months. My question is this, lately we have just been at eachothers throats and, not all the time, but sometimes, I feel as if I am falling out of love with him. How do I touch on the subject of divorce, do you think its worth counseling?
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Q. How long does it take to finalize a divorce in the state of florida?

Also want to know what would happen if no response from my x?

we have only been married 10 months would this help speed up the process?

What if my x refuses to sign divorce?
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Q. my cousin got married in Mexico but bothe her husband and her live here in texas now, how can they get a legal separation
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Q. My wife and I were married less than 2 years ago and we are now going to get a divorce. We do not have any property nor children. Her home is in Guatemala. How do I get a divorce with her living there? I am in Arizona.
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Q. I got married 6 months ago and nothing has worked out far as getting along with one another. The day we were married he informed me of another women. The same day she started calling and I have tried to forget because he said it would work out but nothing has changed. I just want out of this marriage. What should I do when I have no money to pay for this divorce?
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Q. What steps should I take if my wife does not want a divorce and will not talk to a mediator?
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Q. I have not seen my husband in about 4 years. We live in different states, so he doesnt know where I am and visa versa. My question is: Would it be possible that he could have already divoraced me and I just never found out?
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Q. I have been married for 10 months and am now going to file for a divorce. We have been having problems since day one and cannot seem to get through them. I feel that he lies to me and I have 2 liitle girls from a prior marriage and feel this would be the best. My quetsion is that am I entitled to alimony? I do not work due to he wanted me to stay home and take care of the kids. He has 2 boys and I take care of them to. Also, he owned his home before we got married, but we just sold and made $190,00., am I entitled to any of this money. I am going to need something to get on my feet again. Thank you!
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Q. If I file a missing spouse suit, will he be required to pay child support? How do you determine that when he is unemployed?
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Q. Hello...My husband and I have processed our divorce paper`s...We ammended the first file# due to change of reason for divorce...It`s been 3 month`s and we got the papers and a letter stating something is missing or wrong with the amended file....No explanation of what is missing....Now if we return the paper`s corrected we keep our place in the court system....If the papers are not correct and get sent back do we then lose our place??? If that does happen can we bring our paper`s to a paralegal to put together so there are no more discrepencies??? If so how much does it usually cost?? and where to we go we live in Queens New York....


A. Click for the Answer

Q. i been married for a month and i was wondering how i can get my wife to sign divorce papers. she already that she wasn`t going to sign. i made a mistake by marrying this girl and i have children with her i have a daughter with my ex and i wanted to get back with her.
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Q. when served with papers how long do you have to respond in ny
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Q. my wife and i are separated, and waiting to be divorced. we decided to end our marriage as we both felt that it would never work out.we have both moved on with our lives, she has met someone else and so did i. i have fallen in love with the person i am seeing now. this person has come from another country to be with me. i have offered her to stay with me during her stay. we both love each other very much. we are both christian. my question is; being christian can i love someone else during my divorce prosess? is it wrong to do so at this time? Can i hug and kiss the one i have fallen in love with, without jeoperdizing my christian beliefs?
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Q. I am trying to get a divorce from my spouse. I served the divorce papers to my spouse over 3 months ago. All he has done is get a lawyer and has done nothing else. When my lawyer tries to contact his lawyer, he tells his lawyer he is out of the country but he picks up the children every other weekend. I know he is in town. Is there a way that I can put him in default? I live in Florida.
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Q. My friend is going through a divorce!His wife left him,said she wasn`t in love with him anymore. It has been 6 months since she moved out!There trial date for divorce insn`t for another 6 months! I am in love with him & we spend all sorts of time 2gether!We have been good friends for alomost 5 years. He has 2 young children. i am very close with them! I know that he is falling in love with me. Is it ok to date, and to be public about it? How long do WE HAVE TO WAIT? Is there a law about this ?

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Q. My friend just got married about a year ago, to escape his mother. He wants to get a divorce without having to pay all of the funds that lawyers want him to. What should I do. He may be separated from her, and he has been asking me for 4 years to marry him. I finally said yes. What should I do??
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Q. Do you have to claim commission when you are asking for alimony. I have a base salary and then commission if i meet a certain goal?
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Q. I have only been married 1 1/2 years. My husband pretended to go to work and never returned. He never called, left a message just gone. This is the 3rd time he has done this to me and had been in a bad drug addiction each time. How can I divorce a drug addict I cant find? I have no address/phone he can be served at? I heard I can put an ad in the local paper and if he does not respond in 30 days I can file. Is this true? Thank you so much.
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Q. i am looking on here trying to get a quiet divorce that wont cost me a leg and arm we both have agree on this how can i go and get a divorce without a lawyer costing me alot he lives out of state
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Q. I don`t have a current address nor phone number to contact my spouse we have been seperated for over 5 years and I want a divorce. How would I go about doing this?
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Q. I was only married 30 days, we both agree to get divorced as the marriage was a big mistake. We fought for the entire month we`ve been married. There are no children, there is no property to devide. What is the fastest way to go about getting the divorce?
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Q. My wife and I are going to file for divorce but neither will leave our house. We are sleeping in seperate rooms and come and go as we please. Can she or I make the other leave? There is no abuse or verbal assaults between us.
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