The emotional roller coaster of divorce

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I cry all the time why?

The emotional roller coaster of divorce

When a couple separates it is common to feel depressed. Get into counseling, individual or group, so that you will know you are not alone.



6/23/2011 2:38:57 AM
Bhakti Vyas said:

Hi i had very helthy relastion with my boyfriend tho v where very well aware by that we cant get married v where very much attached to eachother now he is getting married to a girl his parents want & i am just not able to except the fact and going mad i just cant let go my relastion with him i realy love him a lot & i know he also loves me a lot but still he cant get married to me & i understand but still i am going mad thimking that he will now not be mine i am behaving like mad person i feel like i dont want anyone in my life i am just cutting of with everyone i just be in my own worl i come to office but just cant consantred on work i just want to b with him wen ever he is with me i am ok the movement he is not with me i start feeling as if i am mad i always want to talk and spend time with him i am just sad all the tim all the time i am thinking of something and i really dont know wht i need him or i will go mad please help me i dont want to become mad


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