Your role in parental alienation

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What is parental alienation?

Your role in parental alienation

If you find your children are being alienated from you ask yourself what role you are playing in this. Often the parent who is being alienated has allowed the communication between themselves and their children to go through the alienating parent. If this is the case then you must learn to communicate directly with your children and all professionals in their lives. Your children will come to view you as a parent and not a peer when they know that each parent is in charge.



7/28/2007 9:08:03 AM
myra said:

I think that P.A.S. is another overused word that parents and the courts wield against each other. I'm sure there are many parents who deliberately attempt to turn their child's heart away from the other parent. But sometimes I think the "alienating" parent is truly attempting to answer the child's confusion and sense of betrayal. We all are saying that a divorce is about the parent's relationship, but I think that just gets a lot of folk off the hook with regard to what they have done to their kids. If a parent can honestly say "I've done everything to talk to and be with my kids and the other parent blocks me at every turn." I would STILL wonder if they where excusing themselves. Nothing would keep me from my kids. Stop giving excuses and start thinking about the children!!


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