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Can I tell the evaluator my plans for custody?

Custody\visitation plan

The evaluator will be asking you what plans you have if you are given custody. What form of visitation will you offer your ex spouse. They will also ask you what form of visitation you will ask for if your ex spouse is granted custody. Having a sound, realistic and equal plan for each question is important.

What do I need to bring for this evaluation?

Preparing for the evaluation process

Write down all dates and events that you will need. For example: when you met, married, children's birthdays, police actions, date of separation. Often you will get confused or feel anxious and forget what you need to know. Write down any questions you have of the evaluator, ask the questions you need to not feel intimidated. Always tell the truth so you do not lose credibility, and you will do fine.

What should I tell my children the evaluaton is about?

Preparing the children for the evaluator

Tell your children that they are going to see someone who is trying to help mom and dad and them. Tell the children that they should tell the truth and not to worry about anything they say. Children will always report to a skilled evaluator what their parents have told them to say and what not to say.

What is a forensic evaluation?

Forensics are not therapy

When you are sent for a forensic evaluation, bear in mind this is not therapy. There is no confidentiality, what you tell the evaluator will be told to the Court. Speak to your lawyer about any issues that you want kept confidential. Discuss how you should answer questions around issues that you do not want to come out in the Court setting.

What is a forensic evaluation?

Custody\visitation evaluations

A forensic evaluation is ordered by the judge to have input from a mental health professional on the best interests of the child.

What is a forensic evaluation?

Home visit

When the forensic worker comes for the home visit, be natural. Do not pretend to be something that you are not, the children will give it away and the worker will have to fill in the blanks. Be who you are and do not worry, no one expects the perfect mom or dad, they just want to see you and the children in your own setting.

What will I need for my forensic interview?

Signing release forms

Be prepared with the names, addresses and phone numbers of all therapists, doctors, and schools that are attached to your life. The evaluator will be requesting information from all professionals that you and your family have seen or are seeing.

Why did the Judge say we have to see a psychiatrist?

Forensic evaluators

A forensic evaluator is either a psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker. They should have a large portion of their practice devoted to the area of forensics.

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