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Is it true that father´s hardly ever get custody?

Fathers in custody evaluations

Fathers often enter the evaluation process with a negative view. They know that it is difficult for fathers to get custody, but the evaluation is not the place to state this view. This negative view is often the only lasting view the evaluator ends up with, and the recommendations reflect this. Go in with a gender neutral attitude. It is two parents who are going to relate to their child and their child's needs. This attitude will allow the evaluator to view you as a parent, not a gender, and that is what you are.

Is it okay if we each take one of the children?

Dividing the children

When parents are involved in a war, often the children will find themselves taking sides. Some will line up with mom and some will line up with dad. This is a terrible situation for children to be in, and it is called a divorce within a divorce. Work together; do not let this happen to your children.

Why can´t I get my support check when my ex gets our child?

The child support check

Do not send your child support check with your child. Do not ask that your ex-spouse give you your child support check when they pick up or drop off the child. Visitation should not be stressful, and having your child serve as the method of getting or giving the child support check makes the child anxious and involves them in matters that do not concern them.

The children do not want to go home.

Parent Education Programs

Parent education programs are helpful for divorcing parents. These programs are designed to assist parents in continuing to co-parent their children while they are living apart. It directs parents in behavior that is supportive for their children's emotional and psychological well being.

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