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Can I get alimony?

How to get Alimony.

Alimony is not automatic. You must petition for alimony when you are first separated. You must show the court that you are not able to support yourself.

My husband is willing to double my alimony, why?

More alimony and less child support

When your ex offers to pay a larger sum for alimony if you will agree for a lesser sum for child support do not be to quick to accept. Alimony must be declared as income and is a tax write off for the person giving it while child support. child support is not a reportable income nor is it deductible for the person paying it. Child support Child support once you have gone off the guidelines is difficult to adjust back to the guidelines. Alimony will end and child support goes on until the child is emancipated. Look carefully at the deal you are offered consider all sides of offer.

My ex is offering one large alimony payment is this a good offer?

Lump sum or payments

When filing for alimony look at the pros and cons of getting one lump sum as opposed to recieving weekly or monthly payments. A lump sum may enable you to get a good jump start on your life or you may feel that you would prefer a weekly check. Do not just jump into either but explore what each one offers.

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