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Should the children and I go into therapy?

Going into treatment with your children

Going into treatment with your children to aid them in coping with their fears, frustrations and anger over the impending divorce will assist parents as well as children. If you and your soon to be ex spouse can work cooperatively in treatment with your children you will save the children and yourselves a good deal of pain.

is there such a thing as divorce counseling?

Counselling as a means to an end

Going into counselling to aid in separating and moving toward the divorce, can be helpful in preventing ongoing conflict.

I am getting a divorce for the second time why?

Second marriages

Second marriages are more likely to end up in divorce than first marriages. The strain of dealing with step-children, ex-spouses, and child support, creates a greater likelihood of divorce.

Should I go to see the marriage counselor for individual therapy?

When you need a therapist

If you find that you need a therapist, find one that has no history with your ex, your children, or anyone who will be involved with your divorce. Do not allow yourself to go to your old marriage counsellor, or allow the children to also be seen by your therapist. You want and need a person who is just there for you, nobody else.

How do I improve my emotional health?

Talking it out

Whether you talk to your minister or a certified
counselor, talk to someone. It's a crazy time right
now, and there's just no substitute for sorting things
out with someone you can trust. Contact your local
mental health agency, your minister, your primary
care physician, or a friend to get the name of a good
therapist. If you don't connect with this person, try someone else. It's worth the effort to connect with someone you like and can trust. They can help!

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