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What can we do if we do not agree but do not want the Court to decide

Mediation may be the answer.

Try to avoid going to court over child custody issues. If you and your ex-spouse can't agree on custody issues, try using a mediator. They are trained professionals and can frequently find creative and equitable solutions. Using a mediator will usually be a lot less painful than a lengthy court proceeding for both you and your children. To find a mediator, look under "Mediator Services" in your yellow pages or ask your divorce lawyer to recommend one.

We agree on everything, do I still need a lawyer?


If you and your soon to be ex can reach an agreement in most states you can go before a Judge and have your agreement made into a Court order without the assistance of a lawyer.

I don´t want to fight all I want is a divorce, what can I do?


Sitting down with a mediator prior to filing for divorce can save you thousands of dollars and a great deal of heartache. You will have the opportunity to divide all assests, as well as plan for your children rather than have someone do this for you. Also with a mediator, you can see if you really need a divorce lawyer, or if you can have a do it yourself divorce.

What can we do if we do not agree but do not want the Court to decide

Property and Divorce

Issues of who will get property and for how long are open to mediation. Make sure that you discuss these issues with your lawyer and that the language you want concerning the items are clearly written in your final divorce paperwork.

Why do I need to pay to have my divorce papers served?

Saving on legal expenses

Ask your lawyer if there are petitions that you can file or papers that you can have a friend serve. Make phone calls or retrieve documents for your divorce attorney when you can, this will save you a good deal of money in legal fees.

Can I just get a mail order divorce?

Nothing to fight over in divorce

Many states now allow couples to file for a divorce without the services of a lawyer if there are no issues of property or children involved.

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