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He says he loves me but he hits me is it love?

I am in love, but it hurts.

When someone is hurting you physically or emotionally and you do not want to leave because you are in love, you need help to leave. It is often not love but co-dependency that keeps an abused person in an abusive relationship. Leave, get help, and when you are thinking clearly ask yourself if you're really in love.

My child saw a fight between my self and my spouse, will he forget it?

Children who live with domestic violence

Children who live in homes where there is spousal abuse are in psychological and physical danger. They are likely to become abusers or abused when they are in their own intimate relationships, as children learn what they live. They are in physical danger as they often attempt to stop the two people they love and need most in their lives from hurting each other. Get yourself and your children out of this!

My mother-in-law said she will keep me safe, will she?

In laws

Do not turn to your in-laws for protection in domestic violence. While you may have had a good relationship in the past, when the laws for domestic violence come into play you will find that the family stands up for its own.

What does it mean when my spouse always makes me feel bad.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is any form of abuse by a household
member against another household member. This includes
threatening to cause physical harm, degradation, withholding of marital funds, and public humiliation.

He says he loves me but he hits me is it love?

The Holidays

The holidays are emotionally loaded. Be careful during the holidays if you have been a victim of domestic violence, as you are more vulnerable and your ex is more emotionally charged.

My children are upset because we fight

When parents fight

When parents are abusive to one another in the presence of the children, they run the risk of losing their children to the state.

If I report the abuse, will i be laughed at?

Males who are battered

Do not feel as though you are less of a man if you find yourself being battered by your spouse. Domestic violence is gender neutral, it is just society who assigns what they feel is appropriate. When a male is battered it is similar to when a woman is raped. The crime is often not reported because the victim feels guilty. When a man is battered he is not guilty just as when a woman is raped. Report it and get help and understanding.

My husband has a violent temper. What should I do?

Quick divorce

The issue of domestic violence may speed up your Court case but it will not necessarily allow for changes in what the batterer is entitled to by law.

Can I go to my home, if she has an order of protection?

Temporary orders of protection

If there has been a temporary order of protection issued against you, do not violate it, even if you can show that the basic charge is false. Once the order of protection is issued any violations will be prosecuted, even if the core charge is dismissed.

My children are upset because we fight

Parents at war-risk having their children held hostage

Parents who are involved in ongoing domestic violence run the risk of having their children removed by the state. All states now view domestic violence as an abuse or neglect of the children and they will file to remove the children if the parents do not resolve their conflicts.

Why does my spouse hurt the dog when he\she is mad at me?

My spouse hurts my dog

In homes with pets, often the animal is abused as a way of intimidating their spouse and children. If this happens, leave! This is not normal behavior and it is harmful to the children as well as your pets.

My wife hits me, what do I do?

Men as victims of domestic violence

Men are also victims of domestic violence. They do not report it and often when they do report it they are not believed or ridiculed. Men should report the violence, file for orders of protection, and enter counseling. Do not let society lead you to believe that you are not a man if you are a victim of domestic violence. Both men and women can be abused.

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