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Do we need a lawyer?

Using a paralegal

If you and your spouse are in agreement and there are no complicated issues such as property and pension, you can use a paralegal. The paralegal will assist you in getting the right forms, filling them out, and filing them...all at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer.

Will my spouse get half of everything?

Quick deeds

Do not jump into a quick deed. Once this is done it cannot be undone. Check with your lawyer, read all the laws in your state on your own. Look at the tax consequences and make sure that you are getting something of equal or greater value before you sign.

I just got a bill from my lawyer, is he kidding?

Legal billing

Make sure that your lawyer gives you a detailed bill monthly. Keep your own records of phone calls, time begun and ended, court appearances and length of time. Compare your records with the bill and if you find an error respond to it immediately, this will keep things running smoothly.

We agree can we use one lawyer?

How many lawyers.

Do not use one lawyer for your divorce, even if it is
an amicable separation. It is difficult for one lawyer
to work in the best interest of opposing parties.

How do I get free legal representation?

Free legal services a rare find

To find a free legal service you must search hard. Every state has pro-bono attorneys but you must ask your local bar association for the list as they do not advertise. You should also call up your local court and legal aid.

What do I need to start a divorce action?

Divorce and paperwork

No matter how simple the divorce may seem the key is always in the paperwork. Divorce is done in a field of forms, get the forms, and either find free legal advice, or use a para-legal to fill out the forms and file them.

Will my spouse get half of everything?

Community property and inheritance

In most states when you receive an inheritance it is separate property, however, the interest or property bought from the inheritance can become community property.

Why does my child have a lawyer?

The role of a Law Guardian

When custody battles get nasty often the Court will appoint a law guardian for your child(ren). This person is a lawyer and they will represent the wishes or what they believe is in the best interest of their client, your child. This relationship has all the confidentiality of any lawyer\client privelege. The lawyer will not speak to you or your ex and does not want you or your ex asking the child what was discussed. Do not feel intimidated by this person - they are not taking over your role.

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