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I have a separation agreement, will I need a divorce?

Separation agreements and divorce

When you file a separation agreement make sure you are clear as to what it will mean. In some states a separation agreement automatically becomes a divorce after a set period of time. In other states a separation agreement will not turn into a divorce if one party reneges on any part of the agreement. In states where they can be made invalid, separation agreements are often just a waste of time, money, and emotions.

My teenager is driving me crazy, what do I do?

Teens wanting to choose who to live with

If your teen is telling you that they want to live with one parent or another, listen to them! Do not feel insulted if they want to live with your soon to be ex-spouse. Ask them why, take them to a therapist, and join them in the therapy to be sure that the need is from the child and not the parent. If it is the child's need and the other parent is safe, then let them go, they will come back. If you fight them they will close you off.

My teenager is driving me crazy, what do I do?

Teens and visitation

Teens are often reluctant to go on visits with their parents. Their peers are the most important people in their life and on weekends they want to be with their friends. Find activities that they can invite some friends to join in. This will allow you not only to spend time with your teen but to get to know their friends.

My A student teen is failing everything, why?


When the family of a teen is going through a divorce their school work often suffers. Work with your teenager in a loving and supportive manner to help them stay on track in school. If they fail while in high school they often never bounce back.

My teenager is driving me crazy, what do I do?

Teens and sexuality

When you are going through a divorce do not allow your teen to see you in any compromising situations. They are hyper sensitive to sexuality and they do not need to be confronted with their parents sexuality.

My teen does not want to visit, why?

Lonely teens

Look for signs that your teen is isolating themselves. If they appear to have less contacts with their peers and object to your leaving them. Teens often feel lonely and frightened when their parents are divorcing but they do not know how to say it, so look for the signs.

My teenager is driving me crazy, what do I do?

Your divorce and your teen

Teenagers have a difficult time when their parents are going through a divorce. This is known as the time of strife in their development, when you add in a divorce it can be dangerous. Take time to spend with your teen, do not share any information pertaining to the divorce. Teens have a tendency to act older and stronger than they are, remember they are children.

My A student teen is failing everything, why?


If your teen appears depressed take them to a therapist. Often when teens become depressed they turn to street drugs.

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