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My children and I always feel out of place, where can we go?

Parents Without Partners

Parents Without Partners is a national organization that assists single parents with children. It offers a sense of community and support for both parents and children.

How do I get through the emotional pain?

You're not alone

You may feel that you are the only person on the planet experiencing this level of shame, guilt, heartache or anger. Trust me, you're not alone! A divorce support group is an excellent way to connect with others experiencing similar emotions, trials, and behaviors. Contact your minister, therapist or other mental health agency, or read the social event section of your local newspaper. There's no substitute for hearing and sharing stories of pain and victory!

This is the first holiday without my children, what do I do?

Moms and the holidays

The holidays are often hard for moms as they are accustomed to having the children at their sides. Do not allow the children to know you are upset. Join a parents' support group and find assistance in enjoying the new ways of celebrating the holidays.

Does everyone feel as lonely, angry, crazy as I do right now?

Finding the right support group.

If you are looking for a support group in your area the web is a good place to start.

Where can I find a support group?

Finding a support group

If you cannot find a support group in your area, or you are unable to go to a support group, find one on the web. The groups concerning divorce are growing and they not only offer emotional support but true life experiences from which you can benefit. These groups are convenient, as there is no set time or day, they are there when you need them! You also never need to worry that you will run into one of them later in life and be embarrassed.

Why does my lawyer charge me when I call to complain about my spouse?

Saving money on lawyers fees

Join a divorce support group. When your ex does something that upsets you, talk about it in your group. Often when people are divorcing they feel the need to tell their lawyer everything that upsets them. The lawyer will charge you to vent and will not be able to help, so use the group to save money and get some relief. What is legal must go to the lawyer, what is emotional should go to an emotional support group.

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