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How long does a divorce take in my State?

The divorce process duration and waiting period

This question depends on the state you are in. For example: a divorce in Michigan takes 60 days without children and 180 days (6 months) with children. This time period begins from the time you first file your first papers with the court. Call your Circuit Court in your county to find out your exact "Waiting Period" or look for Divorce Guidelines for your state.

Will mediation prevent my spouse from getting a divorce?

Help your children see the good

When you see your child smile and it reminds you of their other parent, say something positive. For example, tell your child "you are lucky you have dad's beautiful blue eyes", or "mom's winning smile". Telling your child that through them you can see endearing parts of their other parent will go a long way in making your child feel secure. It allows your child to know that they will always be loved, even when they remind you of their other parent. It also tells the child that you still remember the good qualities of their other parent.

Does everyone feel as lonely, angry, crazy as I do right now?

Fighting depression

Before going to ask a doctor for a prescription to alleviate your depression, attempt to work it out more naturally. The depression that comes with divorce is real; it is not a chemical imbalance or an unnatural state, so treat it naturally. Exercise, volunteer at a church or hospital, read life affirming books, or listen to uplifting music. Take control of what you can control!

How much child support should I get?

Custody and support

When your spouse leaves you and the children you should go and file for formal custody of the children and child support. Until you get Court ordered custody both parents have equal rights to the child custody of the children.

We agree on everything, do I still need a lawyer?


If you and your soon to be ex can reach an agreement in most states you can go before a Judge and have your agreement made into a Court order without the assistance of a lawyer.

Will my spouse get half of everything?

Quick deeds

Do not jump into a quick deed. Once this is done it cannot be undone. Check with your lawyer, read all the laws in your state on your own. Look at the tax consequences and make sure that you are getting something of equal or greater value before you sign.

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