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When should I introduce my new love interest to the children?

Dating while going through a divorce

Often while people are going through the divorce process they meet someone and begin to date. While it is understandable that you are feeling lonely, dating while attempting to cope with your divorce can be dangerous. It can cloud your judgement, and it allows your soon to be ex to complain to the Court that you are using poor judgement in bringing strangers into the children's lives. It is better to wait and begin dating when you are not so vulnerable.

When should I introduce my new love interest to the children?

New relationships and children

After a divorce or separation it is normal to wish to begin dating again. The children should not be included in any intimate relationship until you are sure that this person is someone who will be involved in your life for awhile. Make sure that the people you introduce to your children you know well. Know their backgrounds and their present living arrangements. Your ex-spouse will be able to use information from the children about the people you bring into their lives.

My ex abused me,why?

Who caused the marriage to fail.

Do not believe that the failure of your marriage was
all your fault or your spouse's fault. It takes two.
Do some self exploration to ensure a secure new relationship.

When should I introduce my new love interest to the children?

The holidays

If you have begun a new relationship, do not use the holidays as a time to introduce them to your children. Utilize the new relationship to carry you through the times during the holidays that the children will be away from you.

Why don´t the children or my ex like my new companion?

New person in my life, now the ex wants custody

Often when there is a new person in your life this creates anxiety with the ex-spouse, and sometimes with the children. All of a sudden the ex begins to threaten new Court action and the children do not like the new person in your life. This is common as ex's fear they will be replaced in the children's lives and the children feel guilty for liking the new person. The solution is to set the ground rules with everyone on the role the new person will play in everyone's life.

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