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How much child support should I get?

Calculating child support

When you file for child support ask for the guideline percentage; not a dollar amount. If the state says you are entitled to 17% of the income for one child and it comes out to $100 per pay, you want the order to read 17% not $100. By doing this you will get an increase each time your ex gets an increase and you will not have to go to Court for it.

Should I wait for the Court to order support.

When to start paying child support

Begin to pay child support when you leave the home. Children need to be cared for financially, and it will prevent you from being made to pay arrears. Pay by check, money order, or get a signed receipt for cash. You will need a record of what you have paid when you appear before the Court.

When can I file for child support?

When to file for child support

When the child's parent leaves the family unit, file for child support. The earlier you file the more likely it is that support will be retroactive to the date of separation.

Can I claim my child on my income taxes?

Deductions and child support

When you are brought in for child support, do not forget to decide who will be claiming the children on their income taxes. Settle this issue when you are settling the amount of child support. It will save you a lot of headaches and additional trips to Court.

How can I send my children to private school on this support?

Filing for child support

When you file for child support do not forget to ask for the extras: child care, tuition, medical expenses, and extra activities.

How much child support should I get?

Custody and support

When your spouse leaves you and the children you should go and file for formal custody of the children and child support. Until you get Court ordered custody both parents have equal rights to the child custody of the children.

Everytime I see my children they ask for something what do I do?

Paying child support

Do not tell your children that you pay their custodial parent child support and therefore should not have to buy any extras. When the children ask you to buy them clothes or give them extra money, do it if you can afford it. If you cannot afford the extras, then compromise with the child by either giving them half, or whatever is reasonable. Often, custodial parents use the children by having them ask their non custodial parent for things that child support is supposed to cover. This places the children in the middle and the non custodial in a difficult position. The child feels as though they must fight for what they need as they are being manipulated by their custodial parent. By reasoning with the child rather than pointing out that you pay child support you will open lines of communication with the child, and put the custodial parent on the defensive.

Should I wait for the Court to order support.

How to calculate child support

Child support is based on each parent's income. The bottom line is pro-rated.

How much child support should I get?

Changes in child support

All changes in child support should be made by the guidelines, not by what you think is fair. You may be paying too much or too little; either way this can have long range consequences.

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