Filing for child support

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How can I send my children to private school on this support?

Filing for child support

When you file for child support do not forget to ask for the extras: child care, tuition, medical expenses, and extra activities.



2/17/2008 12:23:18 PM
Lee said:

I think the law favors women. Get a great lawyer even if it cost a little more than you want. I fired my first lawyer after my divorce and while I was in a legal dispute over the family farm. The first lawyer misrepresented me and it cost an extra $125K that was wrong according to two other lawyers. My Ex makes over $100k a year, myself $65K, and my kids have their college paid for already. I pay the health insurance, prescriptions, dental and vision. On top of that my two kids do not call, they are 21 and 17.


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