I have been charged with sexual abuse

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I have been charged with sexual abuse, what do I do?

I have been charged with sexual abuse

When you are charged with sexual abuse, do not lose control. Get a lawyer who specializes in this area, as the charges are very serious. Do not be naive and believe if you did not do anything, everything will be ok. This is today's witch hunt, it is packed with emotions, not facts. Do not become angry with your child or attempt to question your child. If you are not guilty then your child is being made to believe that some ordinary act was abuse, and both you and your child are suffering. Do not accept any time alone with your child once you are charged. Attempt to keep your relationship with your child and ask for supervised visitation by a professional rather than allow for no contact until the Court finishes its evaluation and investigation. These evaluations and investigations can take up to one year and your child will become distant and afraid, a professional can attest to your child's relationship with you and prevent any further allegations from being made.



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